Information: fabbit Conference “Starting a Business in the U.S.”

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Toshiaki Yoshida, Co-founder/CEO of EARCH-YOU, took his vision to the “fabbit Conference – Starting Business in the U.S.” stage on April 23 in Tokyo. fabbit is a company that manages co-working space,supports startups,etc. Our director,Nakamasa Naka,also participates as an Advisory Board Member.

At this conference,fabbit’s nationwide bases (Otemachi,Aoyama,Hachioji,Sakae,Osaka Honcho,Hiroshima,Across Fukuoka)and COMPASS Kokura,as well as the overseas bases in the Philippines were live-broadcasted. With heated discussion of 200 participants,  he received many questions along with Mr. Kazumasa Nakano,President of abasaku who also took the stage.

As a Japanese start-up that challenges the US market,it was an event that realized its high level of attention.

It will take a little while to intoroduce our service in Japan,but we are steadily promoting service development. As our policy,EARCH-YOU will continue to do our best to help you  achieve your goals!