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Thank you for your Mindful support

(Photo:Panel Discussion by Toshiaki Yoshida/CEO and Philip Delvecchio/Management Advisor) We held the first event as a focused group session in NY on 11th, April. It was a successful first step for us to feel people’s reactions to our concept and products. We convinced that there is a wide and strong need for mindful coaching through our …

Mindful Business Coaching in NY on April 11th

Mindful coaching gives us new options for thinking about problems, issues, and decisions in more flexible, creative, and constructive ways. Struggling to make important changes in your life? Do you want to respond to stress with more insight and self-compassion? Do you need some help to achieve your goals? Please join us on Thursday, April …

EARCH-YOU is going to be in the media gradually.

If you are interested in supporting us in the social media, please contact us! Please let us know how you want to be compensated for your support. We may take your proposal, or may not. Please understand and cooperate with our policy in advance. Thank you.