Service Framework

A web platform where users can manage their mental state and find their private coaches to achieve their own goal
Service Framework

Main Users who want to achieve their goals of business, personal skills, sports, hobbies, etc.

Achieve their goals by supporting and being supported by theit friends.

Anyone who have skills & experiences can support Climbers in return to economical and self-esteem rewards.

EY supports these three actors by connecting them
with each other through EY’s application.

Our Apps

Two Apps : Mentrai & EarchYou

Mentrai for your internal state management and EarchYou for your communication

Awareness of your internal state is the first and the most important for you to perform better in doing anything. Use it. Then feel it. You will find that your recognition of yourself is the key to success. And our messaging App, EarchYou, is the best communication tool with your Sherpa and Buddy over the internet without a risk of your privacy information. We will never sell your information to third parties.

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