Our Philosophy

” Integrity ”
” Teamwork ”
” Social Contribution ”
” Respect for Individuals ”
” Feel, Think, and Act NOW ”


I feel that we have now reached the next stage in human evolution.

What drove us to attain this higher level is the combination of scientifically studying the deeper recesses of the human brain to better understand what it can do and the integration of cultural, social and behavioral norms, and knowledge, as well as our life experiences on this Earth. We keep our actions in order to accelerate this drive to new heights.

We are committed to creating and providing services that people have yet to see and experience in the world. We want to passionately contribute as much as possible to the advancement of harmony for all people across the world. We want to bring this value to all people around the world through the concept of “mindfulness” and “heartfulness”.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Toshiaki Yoshida

CEO / Co-Founder
EARCH-YOU, Inc. Toshiaki Yoshida

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