CEO / Co-Founder Toshiaki Yoshida
INCORPORATION March 13th, 2018
HEAD OFFICE 3-7-4, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001

Board Members

Our management team has abundant experience in finance, market-make, global expansion, and the startups in addition to the experience in the core part necessary for this business such as IT service, skill share, matching, education, training, learning, and coaching

  • 吉田 俊明Toshiaki Yoshida

    CEO / Co-Founder of EARCH-YOU, Inc.

    Director of The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan (2012-current)
    Member of Council of United World Colledge ISAK Japan (2018-2019)
    Leisure: Supervising a local youth baseball team

    Born in Aichi prefecture in 1972. Graduated from Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University in 1994.
    Joined Tokyo Branch of Merrill Lynch in 1994. In charge of bond trading, asset management, strategy formulation for entering Japanese retail market.

    In 2000, joined a leading e-learning company in Japan. Directed planning division, sales division, customer service division, and development division. Became President and COO of the company in 2009. From 2010, also served as a board director in the establishment of its parent company. At the time of retirement in 2018, the company had approximately 5,000 enterprises and companies as clients, a total of 40 million cumulative students, and 7,000 self-developed online courses. In addition, established company group’s Shanghai subsidiary, joint venture subsidiary with Shiseido Co., Ltd., a globally leading company in the cosmetics industry, and company group’s global human resource development subsidiary. Greatly contributed to laying the first foundation for making the e-learning company in Japan. Left the company in February 2018.

    Established EARCH-YOU, Inc. on March 13, 2018.

  • 中西 幾生Ikuo Nakanishi

    Board Director (Upcoming) / Co-Founder of EARCH-YOU, Inc.

    Leisure: Member of Parus Football Club, the oldest senior soccer team in Japan, leader of the 40’s, and captain of “Parus Football Club Tokyo middle 40’s”. Runs full marathons once or twice a year.

    Born in Aichi prefecture in 1971. Graduated from Newspaper Science, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University in 1994. Earned degree in Soccer Coaching Studies from Graduate School of Physical Education, Tsukuba University in 1996. Studied coaching at the soccer club of Toin Gakuen and Verdy Kawasaki while working at Keio University as a part-time teacher and a soccer coach from 1996 to 1999.

    Entered Niscom Service Inc. (Current: Evolva Business Support Inc.) in 1999. Became the youngest sales manager in company history by achieving excellence in the sales department, in 2004.
    Moved to Human Resources in November of the same year, and committing himself to supervise the department at the time of the merger with three companies in 2005. From 2011, after Niscom became the KDDI group, worked mainly in the sales department. In 2016, became executive officer of the “sales” headquarters and managed its Tokyo metropolitan area department. Retired in March 2018.

    In April 2018, participated as the co-founder in the establishment of EARCH-YOU, Inc.

  • 那珂 通雅Michimasa Naka

    EARTCH-YOU, Inc.
    Board Director (Upcoming)

    Graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University and Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University with a Master of Engineering.
    Joined Salomon Brothers Asia Securities and joined International Fixed Income Sales. After the establishment of Joint Venture Nikko Salomon Smith Barney Inc. in 1999, took up the post of the Managing Director of Fixed Income Department. Promoted to Co-Head of Fixed Income Department in 2004 and achieved numerous records for the company.

    2009 Promoted to Co-CEO of Citigroup Global Markets Japan.
    2010 After resigning Citigroup Global Markets Japan, established StormHarbour Japan Ltd. and became the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Principal.
    2011 Auditor of GLM Co., Ltd. (Current)
    2012 Received “Most Innovative Boutique House of the Year” from Financial Times.
    2014 Director of Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.
    2014 Executive Director of eWeLL Co., Ltd. (Current)
    2014 Executive Director of istyle Inc. (Current)
    2014 Executive Chairman of StormHarbour Japan Ltd.
    2014 Outside Director of Geniee, Inc. (Current)
    2015 Outside Director of Prevent SAST Insurance Co., Ltd. (Current)
    2016 Established Boardwalk Capital Inc. and became Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director Principal. (Current)

  • 白井 克彦Katsuhiko Shirai

    EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    Special Adviser (Upcoming)

    1963 Graduated from School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
    1968 Completed Doctoral program completion, Science and Engineering, Waseda University
    1975 Professor, Waseda University
    1998 Executive director, Waseda University
    2002 President, Waseda University
    2011 Chairperson, Foundation of the Open University of Japan
    2016 Honorary Advisor (incumbent), Waseda University
    Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Speech Science and Technology, Doctor of Engineering

    Main incumbent:
    Chairperson, Japan Massive Open Online Education Promotion Council (JMOOC)
    Chairperson, Japan MOT Association. Chairperson, IMS Japan

    Main career:
    Chairperson of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges (2009 – 2011)
    President, Japan University Accreditation Association (2003-2007)
    Committee member of Central Council for Education of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan, in University Management Group, and in Lifelong Learning Group
    Outside Member of the Board of NTT Corp, and JDI Corp.

    Award History:
    Broadcast Culture Prize of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (2005)
    Grande ufficiale Award for Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (2007)
    Kenjiro Takayanagi Award (2013)
    Award for Merit of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
    Acoustical Society of Japan Achievement Award
    Fellow of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Japan, etc.

  • 大西 浩志Hiroshi Onishi

    EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    Auditor (Upcoming)

    Leisure: Travel, sports, and art appreciation

    Born in 1943. Graduated from Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo in 1966.

    Joined Mitsubishi Bank (current: MUFG Bank, Ltd) in 1966.
    Stationed at New York Branch of Mitsubishi Bank as Resident Economist in 1974.
    Chief Manager of HR and Training Division, Mitsubishi Bank in 1980.
    Deputy General Manager of New York Branch, Mitsubishi Bank in 1985.
    General Manager of Chicago Branch, Mitsubishi Bank in 1987.
    Board of Director, General Manager of General Affairs Department of Headquarters of Mitsubishi Bank in 1993.
    Board of Director, General Manager of Kyoto Branch, Mitsubishi Bank in 1994.

    Executive Managing Director, Nidec Corporation in 1996.
    Executive Vice President, Copal Corporation (Current Nidec Copal Corporation) in 1998.
    Senior Executive Managing Director of Construction Headquarters, TODA Corporation in 2008.
    Vice Chairman of the Board, NetLearning Holdings, Inc. in 2011
    Chief Auditor (current), NetLearning Holdings, Inc. in 2013

    Played volleyball at high school, university, and after.
    Served as a captain of the volleyball team at The University of Tokyo.
    Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) from 2012 to 2016.

Service Development Team

The team which realizes service new at all that put a hybrid-shaped application development team and a mental skill improvement method of the world top-level to accomplish a system design and development, use having high quality by the Japanese engineer while adopting global UX (user experience) design together

  • 新井 眞司Shinji Arai

    EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    Application Development Manager

    Leisure: Golf, Skiing, Walking

    1989 Graduated from Department of Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    1992 Graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management

    1993 Joined Andersen Consulting (current: Accenture PLC).
    Engaged in business design, system design, and strategy formulation work, specializing in marketing / sales / support (CRM) business domain, after working as a team leader in the United States.
    2000 Joined the Transcosmos Inc.
    Leading consulting function / acquisition of SI function in outsourcing business while conducting due diligence of overseas IT core technology to the market in Japan.
    2005 CIERT. Inc founded (present post).
    Provide business consulting services of main focus on CRM business areas beyond industries such as broadcasting companies, telecommunications carriers, financial companies, Internet technology servicers.

    Has put a priority on To-Be practice realization. Including but not limited to showing “To-Be” model from a management perspective, participatory-type “hands-on” consultation along with its roadmap is the principle of his consulting.
    Since its establishment in March 2018, participating in EARCH-YOU, Inc.

  • ブランドン・ヒルBrandon K. Hill

    UX Design partner of EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    CEO & Founder of btrax, Inc.

    Founder and CEO of San Francisco based Innovation Design Agency, btrax, Inc. btrax specializes in UX Design, Service Design, and Innovation Workshops.With strong connections in both Silicon Valley and the Japanese startup community, he is the founder of JapanNight and has spoken at 500 Startups Japan Day, UC Berkeley Haas School’s Asian Business Conference, GMIC, Tech in Asia, Social Media Week Tokyo, ad:tech.A visible presence in the design and business community, he has also served as a design mentor at Startup Weekend. Graduate of SF Sate University, Industrial Design major.
    Website: / Blog:
    Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonkhill
    CLIENT LIST : BANDAI CO.,LTD / Calbee, Inc. / Canon Inc. / Cisco Systems G.K. / CyberAgent, Inc. / DeNA Co., Ltd. / DENTSU INC. / Expedia, Inc. / Fukuoka Prefecture / IREP Co., Ltd. / JETRO / NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD. / NTT DATA Corporation / OMRON Corporation / Osaka University / Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor / Panasonic Corporation / PRONTO Corporation / Rakuten, Inc. / Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. / SoftBank Corp. / Sony Corporation / TOTO LTD. / Toys”R”Us-Japan, Ltd. / transcosmos inc. / TripAdvisor LLC / UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD / Nihon Unisys, Ltd.、Others ※Extracted from the website

  • 下川 和男Kazuo Shimokawa

    Application development partner of EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of EAST Co.,Ltd.

    Leisure: Internet, e-publishing

    1980 Participated in the establishment of ACEL, Inc. (Member of the first MS-DOS Japanese word processor development)
    1985 Participated in the establishment of EAST Co., Ltd.
    1990 Executive director
    2006 Chief Executive Officer
    2016 Chief Executive Officer, Chairman

    Concurrent promotion of “implementation of Japanese version in Browser (HTML5, CSS3)”, “standardization of electronic publication”, “standardization of character information”, etc.

    ※The following are activities in industrial association
    Vice deputy chairman of Japan Electronic Publishing Association
    Executive committee member of IMS Japan Society
    PR leader of Advanced Publishing Lab.
    Executive committee member of eLearning Award Forum
    Board member of Japanese Character Information Technology Promotion Council

  • 辻 秀一Shuichi Tsuji, MD

    Chief Sherpa of EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    Medical Doctor for sports medicine and sports psychology
    President of Eminecross Co. Ltd. in Tokyo

    Specializing in applied sports psychology, Dr. Tsuji provides mental training for individuals and organizations in order to achieve his mission as follows;
    -make Japan ‘Gokigen’ country– where people are able to manage their mental
    ‘Sports as culture’ – believing in the cultural aspects in sports, eager to establish the norm in Japan that the sports are a cultural activity that people bring people joy, excitement, friendship and grow.

    Born in Tokyo in 1961. Graduated from School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, followed by the internal medicine training at Keio University. Inspired by the nonfiction film called ‘Patch Adams’ during that time, Dr. Tsuji decided to contribute his life to increase the ‘quality of life’ of people and to become Patch Adams in sports medicine.
    In 1999, Dr. Tsuji established Eminecross Co., Ltd for practicing activities to improve QOL. He developed his own mental training scheme called “Tsuji method” to create a state of mind called “Flow”, which optimizes and maximizes personal and organizational performance. Tsuji method is widely used not only by the athletes but also by the people engaged in the business, the education and the music as it is easy to understand and practice.

    The work as an author includes:
    “Slam Dunk Victory Method” over 370,000 copies (SHUEISHA International), “Textbooks for a First Year Leader” (Pal Publishing) “How to Make Yourself ‘Gokigen’ ” (SunMark Publishing),
    “Zen Brain Thoughts” (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd),
    “Goodbye, Stress” (Bunshun Shinsho), and many others.
    The latest publication is “Play Life, Play Sports — the way of walking through life that we learn from sports –” (Naigai Publishing).

  • 上村 綾子Ayako Kamimura

    EARCH-YOU, Inc.
    UX Design Specialist

    Leisure: Tennis, snowboarding, singing

    In 2000, graduated from psychology course at State University of New York at Purchase.
    In the same year, joined AEON Corp. as a full-time English instructor. Gave lessons to about 100 students; ranging from high school students to business people.
    In 2001, joined NetLearning, Inc. as a member of course development department. Mainly engaged in planning and producing online courses for TOEIC preparation and business English. In 2007, created a podcast English program, “English Aya Pod”, participating not only as a producer but also a writer and a narrator.
    The program was highly evaluated for its new and original style where people learn English by listening to adlib chats by two native English speakers; it placed first in the ranking of all iTunes podcast programs. Also succeeded in monetizing the program by moving the podcast from being available freely to be purchased commercially, a difficult procedure at that time.
    Left NetLeaning, Inc. in 2012. From that year, engaging in English education for kids by working with Benesse Corporation. Philosophy; “Pursue something that inherently captures people’s minds and that has not been accomplished by anyone.”